2017-2018 Fundraising Calendar

KidStuff Sale
The Co-op will be selling KidStuff books from mid September through the beginning of October. Books include hundreds of coupons for shopping, activities, and food; they make great gifts for anyone with kids (or grandkids)!
Griggstown Pie Sale
Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Co-op will again offer delicious sweet and savory pies through the Griggstown Farm in Princeton, New Jersey.  Visit our order page. Pies will be available for pick up the week before Thanksgiving.  
Annual Appeal
Each year the Co-op sends out a direct mail appeal asking current families and some grandparents (at the suggestions of current parents) to consider making a tax-deductible cash gift in support of the School. We have been delighted at the response, and hope to expand our solicitation this year to our parent’s extended families and Co-op alumni.  
Make-a-Plate Workshop
One of the Co-op’s most popular fundraisers, the Make-a-Plate Workshop will take place in March. At this fun, family workshop, children draw pictures of their choice onto a template. Once the drawings are complete, we send them out to be transferred, and they return as a dinner plate-size masterpieces. Other options are available as well. This is a fun one you won’t want to miss!  
Co-0p Wine Tasting
We will host the 2nd annual Co-op Wine Tasting for Parents and Alumni in April. It was a huge success last year as parents gathered at the Ambulance Corp for an evening of wine tasting, cork pulling, and socializing with old friends and new. All proceeds go to the Madison Co-op. We hope you will join us this year and try your hand at winning a vintage wine!

Garage Sale
Historically one of the most successful fundraisers for the Co-op, the annual garage sale will once again be held in May. Please set aside your gently-used items throughout the year to donate to this fun community event: kids’ items, housewares, books, furniture – we’ll take it all! Clear out your closets, attics, and basements, and watch your ‘trash’ turn into treasure for the School!